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Game description

Take the control of a man who woke up in the dark and tries to survive a dungeon. Lost and forgotten in a dark dungeon. But someone or something is haunting you.

After Hazard is a 2d top down horror adventure.
The dungeon is based an 60 floors each with random settings for enemies, traps, weapons and items. Watch your step even you know a floor, because something may be different than you remember it.

The dungeon is inhabited by creatures, just waiting for there next meal. Once you run and fight your way to safety , you may realize that there is more than just the creatures. A System that don’t like the idea to see how you escape.

Key Features

  • A Dungeon based on 60 floors.
  • One run is based on 10 floors.
  • Discover new floors and enemies once you play again.
  • Each floor has random settings for enemies, traps, weapons and items.
  • Instant death mode. One Hit and you die!
  • Adventure mode. Pick up health items and recover your health when you need it.
  • Perma death mode. You are dead when you die! No checkpoint, no health recover, no mercy!
  • Randomly placed traps to force you to be careful.